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Spanish songbird Charo is recognized mainly for her blonde hair, fitted and colorful clothes that leave her looking beautiful to everyone that admires her. She is a talented singer and guitarist who has found her way into the lives of different homes through her performances. She may not be fluent in the English language on stage, but reading and writing aren't difficult. Charo is perfect at speaking Spanish, Japanese, and French languages.

Charo's Personal Life

Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza is popularly known as Charo. She is a Spanish-American singer, comedian, flamenco guitarist, and actress. She is 5ft 4inches tall. Charo was given birth to in Murcia, Spain. Charo's date of birth and the actual year has been a concern of controversy. She possesses a Spanish passport that bears María del Rosario Martínez Pilar Mercedes Molina Baeza. Her father ran to Casablanca at the time of the tyrant rulership of Francisco Franco. Her loving mother was left in Murcia to raise Charo and her siblings.

Charo's journey began at a very young age. Bandleader, Xavier Cugat, took an interest in her and brought her in as a young performer. They got married on August 7, 1966, on a Wednesday. As of that period, Cugat was 66. He had been married four times to different women, namely; Abbe Lane, Lorraine Allen, Carmen Castillo, and Rita Montaner. Though reports say, he wasn't married up to that amount of women. Xavier Cugat was 66years while Charo was 20 years of age at the time they were wedded.

Charo's Career

At the age of nine, Charo began playing the guitar. The famous Andrés Segovia trained her. She turned into a frequent American television character, randomly making guest appearances on programs like The Love Boat, Laugh-in, and Fantasy Island. Charo is widely known for her famous and catchy phrase, "Cuchy Cuchy." She is celebrated as a comedian and respected for how she relates to people of all kinds of sexualities, like gay.

For five long decades, Charo recorded and performed in different regions. Several disco recordings were made in the early '70s alongside Salsoul Records. Her flamenco album, Guitar Passion, became the Female Pop Album of the year award in 1995. This was at the Billboard International Latin Music Conference.

The album by Billboard was named best female Latin Pop Album of the year. In a public interview, Charo expressed happiness by saying, "around the world I am known as a great musician," but I am known as the cuchi-cuchi girl in America. She confessed that cuchi-cuchi had taken her to banks as she smiles at that.

She has a net worth of $12 million.

Charo gained her grounds from the nightclub circuit's proceeds touring at spots like Atlantic City and Las Vegas. She frequently performs at the Honolulu resort'd Polynesian Palace. Charo finally settled in Hawaii with her new husband , Kjell Rasten. After the birth of their son shel, she plans to dedicate more time to her family.

How Old is Charo Exactly?

How Old is Charo Exactly? (source: cbslocal)
How Old is Charo Exactly? (source: cbslocal)

Charo's date of birth has been a subject of confusion and controversy.

Her birth certificates have been changed on several occasions. She was made to falsify one of the certificates to appear older. This was to enable her to marry 66-year-old Xavier Cugat. After a court hearing in 1977, she finally presented a birthdate that she was born on January 15, 1951. This means she is 69 years old. She will be 70years on January 15, 2021.

Summary of Charo's Age

The table below summarizes the essential information about Charo that you need to know.

Parameters Points To Note
Real Name Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Molina Baeza
Nickname Charo
Date of Birth January 15, 1951
Age 69
Height 5ft 4inches
Place of birth Murcia, Spain
Profession Guitarist, Dancer, Actress, Singer
Net Worth $12 million
Marriage(s) Xavier Cugat, Kjell Rasten (current spouse)
Children (1) Shel


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