How old is James Charles? - James Charles's Age in years months days hours minutes and seconds

James Charles Dickson is an American internet personality, YouTuber, make-up artist, and model. James is a beauty influencer on YouTube. He was named the first "male CoverGirl ambassador" in 2016.

James Charles started his YouTube channel in 2015 when he was in high school. His video contents are beauty related videos and make-up tutorials. He gains over 2 billion views on his videos. James has over 21.1 million TikTok followers on other social media platforms, 20 million followers on Instagram, 20.7 million YouTube subscribers, and 6.4 million followers on Twitter.

James's Personal Life

James Charles was born in Bethlehem, New York, on May 23, 1999. He graduated from High school in 2017 at Bethlehem Central High School. He started getting interested in make-up, beauty-related kinds of stuff and modeling when he was in High school. Christie Dickinson is his mom's name, and he has a brother named Ian Jeffery. He is unmarried and openly gay. He loves continental dishes and loves visiting Switzerland. His net worth estimates $5m.

James's Career

James Charles started YouTube in 2015. His YouTube channel is a popular beauty-related channel. 1n 2016, he was declared the first male "CoverGirl" ambassador. James confirmed that His YouTube series, "Instant Influencer," aimed discover the upcoming beauty influencers.

James Charles has done make-up for celebrities like Iggy Azalea for her new music video "Sally Walker,"Kylie Jenner Halloween make-up, and Charli D'Amelio's make-up. The make-up videos of these celebrities became one of his favorite videos that made waves.

James has also received lots of criticism from some of his interviews and videos he made. In recent times, he lost millions of followers. He lost more than 1 million YouTube subscribers within a day, which was record-breaking.

How Old is James Charles Exactly?

How Old is James Charles Exactly?
How Old is James Charles Exactly?

He was born on May 23, 1999. At the time of writing this article, he is presently 21 years and three months. He would clock 22 on May 23, 2021.

Summary of James Charles Biodata

The table below summarizes facts about James Charles.

Parameters Point to Note
Full Name James Charles Dickson
Nickname James Charles
Date of Birth May 23, 1999
Place of Birth New York US
Occupation Internet personality, make-up artist, YouTuber, model.
Career Start 2015
Nationality American


In 2018 James Charles was awarded the" best beauty-related" YouTube channel. He has been a beauty chancellor since 2017. He is also into modeling.

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