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Elise Mertens is a Belgian professional tennis player who has had an incredible 2018 season. She has reached the quarterfinals of every Grand Slam she competed in this year, and won her first major at Wimbledon. Her best performance came at the French Open where she advanced to the semifinals before losing to eventual champion Simona Halep. This was her most successful grand slam result thus far in her career, and it seems like there's no stopping this rising star.

Elise Mertens, 17-year-old Belgian tennis player, is the new big thing in women's tennis. With her upset victory over number one seed Simona Halep at the Australian Open 2018, Mertens became just the fourth woman to win a Grand Slam title after turning 18 years old. She has already won seven tournaments this year and is ranked number 11 in the world. The future of women's tennis looks bright with Elise on top.

Elise Mertens is a Belgian tennis player and the current world number one. She has been ranked in the top ten since January 2017. Her favorite shot is her forehand which she can hit at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest shots on tour.

Mertens won her first major title this year when she beat Simona Halep in straight sets during Wimbledon 2018 to win her maiden Grand Slam championship.

Elise Mertens's Bio

Elise Mertens is a 20-year-old tennis player from Belgium. She has had an incredible year, winning the French Open singles title and her first Wimbledon championship in July.

Mertens was born on 1995, in Hasselt (Belgium). Her parents are Jan and Debbie Mertens. Elise has two brothers: Kenny and Andy. Her father coaches her on the side of the court during matches; he also coached her when she played for his team back home as well as at tournaments around Europe before she turned pro in 2015.

Elise Mertens has had an incredible year. She won the French Open singles title and her first Wimbledon championship in July. Her success this year is due to her hard work, determination, focus, and mental toughness. Elise's favorite things are chocolate ice cream and playing tennis with friends at the beach.

Date of Birth: Elise Mertens is a Belgian professional tennis player who competes on the WTA Tour. She was born in 17th Nov 1995. Elise has won 12 singles and 13 doubles titles, as well as finishing runner-up in both categories six times. She made her top 10 debut following her win at the 2018 Australian Open Women's Singles title, becoming one of only five active players to be ranked within the top ten without having previously been No 1.

Elise Mertens is currently ranked World No.8 by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA). Her highest ranking was world no 3 which she achieved on November 7,2018 after winning 2018 Australian Open women's singles title for Belgium first ever Major championship victory since 1976.

Elise Mertens's Personal Life

Elise Mertens is a Belgian tennis player who has recently been in the news for her personal life. She was ranked number one in women's singles, but she lost that title to Simona Halep after suffering an injury. Rumors started flying about her relationship with fellow professional tennis player Horia Tecau and they finally admitted their relationship on social media. They are now engaged to be married.

Elise Mertens is the 21-year-old Belgian tennis player who has taken over the world in 2018. She's ranked No. 1, won two Grand Slams, and reached her first ever Wimbledon final this year. But what you might not know about Elise is that she was actually born into a family of four with an older sister and brother on 1995 in Geel near Antwerp.

Elise began playing tennis when she was just three years old after being given a racket by her father for Christmas one year which led to joining the local club at the age of five before eventually turning professional in 2013 with coach Thierry Van Cleemputten as part of his team.

Elise Mertens's Career

Elise Mertens is one of the rising stars in women's tennis. She has won two major tournaments and her best performance was at Wimbledon where she reached the semi-finals. Elise grew up playing with her brother and sister on their family farm in Belgium, before discovering tennis as a 10 year old and becoming a professional player at 13.

She started to climb the rankings quickly after turning pro, reaching world number five by 2018. Her father was an amateur footballer who introduced her to football too, which she now plays for fun.

At the age of 23, Elise Mertens has already won Wimbledon and is on her way to becoming one of Belgium's greatest tennis players. Mertens was born in Hasselt, Belgium and started playing tennis at the age of four. She began practicing more intensely when she was 11 years old and had a coach named Jan Coucke who helped her develop into an outstanding player. Now that Elise Mertens is just starting out in her career, it's hard to predict what will happen next! There are many opportunities for success ahead of this young Belgian starlet.

How Old Is Elise Mertens Exactly?

How Old Is Elise Mertens Exactly?
How Old Is Elise Mertens Exactly? (source)

Elise Mertens's exact age depends on the current year. Elise Mertens was born on the 17th of November 1995. His or Her birthday is on the 27th of November every year.

Summary of Elise Mertens's Age

The table below highlights vital information you need to know about Elise Mertens.

Parameters Points to Note
Real Name Elise Mertens
Alias Elise Mertens
Date of Birth On the 17th of November 1995
Place of Birth Leuven, Belgium
Parent Name Liliane Barbe, and Guido Mertens
Sibling(s) Lauren
Nationality Belgium
Ethnicity White
Occupation Tennis player
Education homeschooled
Relationship(s) Robbe Ceyssens
Instagram Fans About 75.5k
Facebook Fans About 60K
Twitter followers About 27K
Zodiac sign Scorpio

FAQs for Elise Mertens

What language does Elise Mertens speak?

Belgium's Elise Mertens is a 20-year-old up and coming tennis player who has been on the world stage since 2017. She is now ranked as the highest female tennis player in Belgium with her most recent victory at Wimbledon this year. Her accomplishments are all the more impressive considering she speaks French as well as English, but not Dutch! This means that her interviews and press conferences must be done through an interpreter. Meet Elise Mertens - a true multilingual superstar.

What is on Elise Mertens necklace?

In the Wimbledon Women's Final, Elise Mertens had a necklace on with an inscription that read "Believe." This is a message from her coach and father, who died of cancer when she was just six years old. She has said in interviews over the years that her father would tell her to believe during tough times on court. Her dad's words have been a source of inspiration for Mertens, and allowed her to push through adversity at such a young age.

This one sentence intro paragraph hooks readers by showing how this tennis player has dealt with adversity early in life by trying to believe despite it all.

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