How old is Jazmyn Bieber? - Jazmyn Bieber's Age in years months days hours minutes and seconds


Ever heard of the famous pop star Justin Bieber? Jazmyn Bieber is his half-sister. She is a beautiful young girl with deep brown eyes and soft blonde hair, born in Canada.

How Old is Jazmyn Bieber Exactly ?

How Old is Jazmyn Bieber Exactly ?
How Old is Jazmyn Bieber Exactly ? (twitter)

She was born on May 30, 2008. In this year 2020, she celebrated her 12th year birthday. By May 30, 2021, she will be celebrating her 13th birthday.

Jazmyn Bieber's Life and Family

She happened to be the first child between Jeremy Bieber (father) and his second wife, Erin Wegner. Erin Wegner works in a telecommunication company called Fibernetics as an accountant. She is also the Director of Diamondback Media (an entertainment and event management company). Jazmin's middle name, "Kathleen," is named after her grandmother's first name. She has a special place in her brother's heart as they were always seen hanging around together both for shopping or a Musical tour. When she clocked 5years in 2013, his brother threw an elaborate birthday party for her.

Social Media and Career Profile

The fact that she is the popstar baby sister fuel her acceptance by many. Justin Bieber introduced her to his social media fans, and they loved her. The fans gave her the nickname "Princess." Her parent also topped it in 2016 by opening a YouTube channel for her tagged "Jazmyn Bieber." They upload videos featuring her from time to time. She became popular among youngsters and children of her age through this channel in a short while. All this exposure built in her confidence, and she started building on the laid down foundation. She took up her YouTube channel when she grew older and started uploading introductory videos about her bike riding skills. This attracts children to her channel since kids love something like that. Also, she began the popular "Whisper challenge" with her friend, in which she shot several episodes professionally. Her attitude when she is in a session is always thrilling as she behaves perfectly even though she is young. All these awarded her millions of views. In April 2020, her Instagram followers grew to over 1.5 million and over 205k subscribers on her YouTube page with 4 million views of her uploaded videos. She was also supported by her brother, who always takes to his social media handle to showcase Jazzy's (as he calls her) Skills.

Summary of Jazmyn Bieber's Age

The table below reveals some important information about Jazmyn Bieber.

Parameters Points To Note
Date of birth May 30, 2012
Nationality Canadian
Age 12years
Parents Jeremy Bieber (father), Erin Wagner (mother)
Instagram followers 1.5Million
Nicknames Jazzy, princess
Siblings Jaxon Bieber, Justin Bieber.
Zodiac Gemini


Supporting young minds goes a long way as it builds confidence in them. It also helps them discover their hidden abilities. Many children dream big about their future, but they believe that they can only begin when they grow up. Therefore, they wait till they are grown before they start, which often becomes too late. Jazzy has already begun at her tender age, and she will continue to get better since she is determined and ready to make a difference among other kids.

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