How old is Molly Brazy? - Molly Brazy's Age in years months days hours minutes and seconds

Molly Brazy is a young and talented American music and social media star.

Molly Brazy's Personal Life

Molly Brazy was born on the 22nd of February 1999 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Her father's name is unknown. She has a brother Rodney by name. Their mother, Carmika, raised her and her younger brother. Her birth name is Molly Brazo.

Molly lost her dad when she was very young. She was always seen bullying her classmates.

She dropped out of school later on to face her career.

Molly has a son, Milli, who was born in 2020. Milli's father is her ex-boyfriend, Tez Debate.

She is currently dating Charles Varlakhanov. She lives in her Atlanta residence.

Molly Brazy's Career

Molly started her career as a rap star. She became popular when she was featured on the "4sho Magazine"YouTube channel. Molly released the chartbuster songs "More Fact"and "Gang" in 2016.

She has so far released albums like "Molly World,""Bug Brazy,""Queen Pin," and "Build to Last."

Molly has made collaborations with rappers like "Cuban Doll" and "Roccaine."

She has established her clothing line selling mainly T-shirts (Big Brazy and Brazy Babies).

Molly's Instagram account ( @mollybrazy) has over a million followers. Her YouTube channel (@Molly Brazy) has about 326,000 followers. Her TikTok ( @mollybrazyofficial) has over 24,000 followers, while her Facebook account (@Molly Brazy) has accumulated over 170,000 followers.

Molly is also on SoundCloud ( @Molly Brazy) with over 64,000 fans.

Molly's net worth is estimated at around $400,000.

How Old is Molly Brazy Exactly?

How Old is Molly Brazy Exactly? (thehypemagazine)
How Old is Molly Brazy Exactly? (thehypemagazine)

Molly Brazy's exact age depends on the current age. Molly was born on the 22nd of February, 1999. Her birthday is on the 22nd of February every year.

Summary of Molly Brazy's Age

The table below highlights vital information you need to know about Molly Brazy.

Parameters Points to Note
Real Name Molly Brazo
Alias "Molly"
Date of Birth On the 22nd of February 1999
Place of Birth Detroit, Michigan, USA
Parent Name Carmika
Sibling(s) Rodney
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Education High School
Occupation Rapper, Singer, and YouTuber
  1. Tex Debate
  2. Charles Varlakhanov
Child(ren) Milli
Instagram following 1.3 million
YouTube subscribers 326,000
TikTok following 24,800
SoundCloud following 64,900
Facebook following 175,000
Net worth $400,000
Zodiac sign Pisces


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