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The Tunisian tennis player has come out of nowhere to make it to the top 10 in women's singles. Her achievements are all the more impressive considering her route to international success was blocked by a lack of opportunities for female players in her home country. This blog will explore how she achieved this success, and what we can learn from her example.

After achieving a career high ranking of 9th in the world, Ons Jabeur is now ranked at number 11 on October 2017. She started playing tennis when she was six years old after being introduced to the sport by her father who worked as an instructor at a club near their house, and she then went on to become one of Tunisia's most successful professional athletes ever.

Ons Jabeur is a Tunisian tennis player. She has been playing for Tunisia since she was 17 years old and has had some great successes, including reaching the quarterfinals at Wimbledon in 2015. Her most recent victory was against Kristina Mladenovic of France at the 2018 French Open. There are many similarities between Ons Jabeur and other talented young female athletes, but there are also some key differences that make her inspiring to watch on the court.

When you think of tennis, what comes to mind? Long white skirts and long sleeved shirts while the players hustle back and forth across the court. But not everyone plays in this style. For example, Ons Jabeur is a Tunisian player who has been playing for years and she doesn't wear any skirt or sleeves at all! She dresses like her male counterparts with shorts and a tank top.

The thing that makes her different from most women tennis players is that she's Muslim- which means during Ramadan, she would fast for 17 hours every day. She also believes that modesty is important so when it came time to play against someone else on the court, instead of shaking their hand after they won or lost a point.


Ons is very dedicated to her goals. She wants to be the best in all of Africa, and she has a plan for how to get there. Ons trains hard every day with her coach, Samir Djabri, who also happens to be Tunisian.

She started playing tennis when she was three years old because her uncle played professionally and encouraged her. This would not have been possible without the support of her family - they are always by her side at tournaments.

Ons is a young woman who has overcome many obstacles in her life. She was the first Tunisian woman to compete at Wimbledon, and she currently holds the record for being the youngest person ever to make it to third round there. Her goal is to be one of the best female players in all of Africa and show people that anyone can do anything they put their mind too.

Date of Birth: Ons Jabeur is a Tunisian tennis player who was born on the August 28th, 1994. She is known for her powerful groundstrokes and excellent backhand. Ons started playing tennis at the age of 7 and she has won 12 singles titles in her career so far.

Her highest ranking is world no.13 which she achieved in 2016 after reaching quarterfinals at Indian Wells tournament (2016). Despite this success, Ons' best result to date remains the semifinal appearance at US Open (2015) where she lost to eventual runner-up Roberta Vinci 4-6 6-3 5-7.

Personal Life

Ons Jabeur is a Tunisian-born professional tennis player, who has been ranked as high as No. 51 in the world and won two singles titles on the ITF tour. She was born on 1993 in Monastir, Tunisia to parents of Moroccan descent.

She turned pro at age 16 and her first win came just six months later at an ITF event in Casablanca against fellow countrywoman Salima Sbaa. In January 2010 she made headlines by becoming the first Arab woman to reach a WTA Tour final when she reached the Sydney International quarterfinals before falling to eventual champion Yanina Wickmayer.[1] Her success continued throughout 2011 where she claimed her second title at an ITF.

Ons Jabeur is the first female tennis player from Tunisia to win an international match. She was not allowed to play on any of the Tunisian courts for most of her childhood due to laws that state only men are allowed to participate in sports. Ons Jabeur's parents were active members of the League for Women's Rights and pushed for her rights as a woman in sport until she was finally granted permission at age 16. This article will explore Ons Jabeur's personal life, career, and how she became one of the most well-known athletes in Tunisia today.


Ons Jabeur is a women tennis player who was born in 1993 in Tunisia. She currently lives and trains in France, but her home country of Tunisia has recently opened up more to the world of sports so she's had an easier time with training there than many other athletes.

She started playing tennis when she was 6 years old, and her favorite surface is clay court. Her dream is to win the French Open one day, which would make it easier for people like herself who live far away from their homes to play on that surface if they want. Ons Jabeur also loves fashion; you can often see her wearing designer clothes on the court.

How Old Is Ons Jabeur Exactly?

How Old Is Ons Jabeur Exactly?
How Old Is Ons Jabeur Exactly? (source)

Ons Jabeur's exact age depends on the current year. Ons Jabeur was born on the 28th of August 1994. Her birthday is on the 28th of August every year.

Summary of Ons Jabeur's Age

The table below highlights vital information you need to know about Ons Jabeur.

Parameters Points to Note
Real Name Ons Jabeur (in Arabic: أُنْس جابر )
Alias Ons Jabeur
Date of Birth On the 28th of August 1994
Place of Birth Ksar Hellal, Tunisia
Parent Name Samira, and Ridha Jabeur
Sibling(s) Yasmine, Hatem, and Marwen
Nationality Tunisian
Ethnicity Arab
Occupation Tennis Player
Religion Islam
Relationship(s) Karim Kamoun
Child(ren) N/A
Instagram Fans About 215K
Facebook Fans About 818K
Twitter followers About 30.5K
Zodiac sign Virgo


Where is jabeur from tennis?

Jabeur is a women's tennis player from Tunisia. She started playing when she was only 3 years old. As of 2011, Jabeur has won more than 30 singles and doubles titles in her career. In 2010, she became the first Tunisian woman to reach the third round at Roland Garros in Paris. In 2011, she reached the second round of Wimbledon for the first time in her career and beat Maria Sharapova during that tournament.

How tall is jabeur?

There are many things that set Jabeur apart from the rest of the tennis world. Her height is not one of them. How tall is Jabeur? She's listed on her ITF profile as 1.70m (5'7"), which is 2 inches taller than Serena Williams and 3 inches shorter than Venus Williams.

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