How old is Rob Ross? - Rob Ross's Age in years months days hours minutes and seconds

Rob Ross is a creative well-known, and well celebrated American art instructor, Tv personality, and painter of the 20th century.

Rob Ross's Personal Life

Rob was born on 29th October 1942 in Florid, Daytona Beach, into the family of Ollie and Jack Ross. Jack, Rob's father, was a carpenter while his mom, Ollie, was a waitress. Growing up, Rob Ross spent most of his years in Florida, Orlando to be precise. He also had a stepbrother, whose name is Jim.

Rob Ross only made it to the 9th class, after which he left school to help his dad in his carpentry work. Here, he learned the art of painting after losing his left index finger. Rob Ross realized his unique painting talent at a late age while accomplishing his military duty at the Elmendorf Air force base. Having mastered the process, Rob Ross began to do such works for people in exchange for money.

Rob Ross got married three times and had only two (2) children. Rob's first marriage was in the year 1965, with Vivian Ridge. This marriage was blessed with a son named Steven Ross. Unfortunately, Vivian and Rob Ross got divorced in the year 1977.

Later Rob Ross got married in 1997 to Jane Ross, who later died of cancer in 1992. In 1994, Rob was diagnosed with lymphoma, which led to a forceful retirement.

In 1995, before his death, Rob got married to Lynda Brown. He died at 52 on the 4th of July, 1995.

Rob Ross's Career

After retiring from the military in 1981, he further dedicated his time to pursuing a career in painting. Eventually, he became the focus of TV scouts, and in the year 1983, the first episode, "The Joy of Painting," went online. Rob Ross was able to illustrate his wet-on-wet oil painting procedure and showed people how easy it was to paint. As years went by, the number of people viewing the Rob Ross show kept increasing, making him a very famous public personality.

How Old Was Rob Ross Exactly?

How Old Was Rob Ross Exactly? (source: biography)
How Old Was Rob Ross Exactly? (source: biography)

Rob Ross's exact age depends on the current year. He was born on 29th October 1942. He died on the 4th of July 1995 at the age of 52.

Summary of Rob Ross's Age

Below is a table highlighting the important information you need to know about Rob Ross.

Parameter Points To Note
Full Name Rob Ross
Date of birth 29th October 1942.
Place of birth Florida
Date of death 4th of July, 1995
Profession Painter


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