How old is Zac Efron? - Zac Efron's Age in years months days hours minutes and seconds

Zac Efron is a well-known successful American actor, social media personality and singer.

Zac Efron's Personal Life

Zac Efron was born on the 18th of October, 1987, into a middle-class Jewish family in California. He was born Zachary David Alexander.

Zac Efron was fond of arts as a kid.

Zac Efron has been in some relationships. He first dated his fellow partner in "High School Musicals,"Vanessa Hudgens. He also dated an American model, Sami Miro.

Zac Efron's Career

Zac Efron kicked off his acting career immediately after completing high school. He got some small roles in some popular TV projects like "The Guardian," "ER" among others.

Zac Efron's acting career had an upturn in 2006 when he had the opportunity to play one of the "High School Musical" roles. This made the young American actor popular across the globe.

Other amazing projects Zac Efron has been part of include: "Neighbors," "Awkward Moments," "The Lucky One," "Baywatch," among others.

How Old Is Zac Efron Exactly?

How Old Is Zac Efron Exactly? (popsugar)
How Old Is Zac Efron Exactly? (popsugar)

Zac Efron's age depends on the current year. Zac was born on the 18th of October, 1987. Her birthday is on the 18th of October every year.

Summary of Zac Efron's Age

The table below highlights vital information you need to know about Zac Efron.

Parameter Points to Note
Real Name Zachary David Alexander Efron
Nickname Zac Efron
Date of Birth On the 18th of October, 1987.
Place of Birth San Luis Obispo, California, United States.
Nationality American
Religion Jewish
Parents name David Efron and Starla Baskett
Siblings Dylan Efron
Instagram following 47.5 million
YouTube following 1.43 million
Marital status Single
Past relationships Vanessa Hudgens and Sami Miro
Education Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, Arroyo Grande High School
Occupation Singer, Film actor, Film producer, Voice acting and Voice actor
Net Worth $25 million
Zodiac Sign Libra


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